Hardboost is one of most popular and most cheap elo boosting services you can find anywhere. It has a lot to do with low prices and quallity our staff offer.Our elo boost team has participated in multiple lan events and been on top of rankings for a years.


What Can you expect when from us.

-We can bring you anywhere you desire with atleast 80% winrate.

-Your acc is going to grind atleast 1 DIVISION daily.Its something other sites dont do in most cases you`ll end up in situation where your acc is getting barely played.

-Great customer support feel free to contact us before every purchase we are going to answer every of your questions.

-We are using VPN it means your acc is getting played from different ips and can`t be tracked. There is no way you`re ever going to get banned.

-Great Staff! You`re getting in contact with booster everytime u purchase u may ask for tips,advice or just watch and learn!

-Your acc is going to start in next 8h from purchasing! If you`re looking for fast lol boost its an option for you!






We are a group of dedicated League of Legends players from all the world. We currently elo boost on the following servers: NA, EUW, EUNE, RUS, TR, LAS, LAN and BR.



All of our boosters are diamond 1 or challenger players in the current season, with experience in boosting.




We are one of the most experienced and cheapest services, and we will always get you to the rating you pay for.


We are safe! When every of our boosters use VPN there is no way to get banned.


















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